Web Dev & SEM/SEO Manager

Stretch Shapes LLC

Apr 2020 – Jul 2022

I was brought on as the web developer for Stretch Shapes during the start of the pandemic because their previous web developer was not performing well working from home.  Within a couple months I became an integral part of the planning and strategy for the company in regards to SEM/SEO and how to better utilize ads and the website to drive more sales in the “Virtual Solutions” market space, which Stretch Shapes had stayed out of previously.  These new strategies helped fill in enough of the gap to help keep the company’s revenue stream tenable, and thus able to retain more of their employee base.

When the country started opening back up in the beginning of 2021, I helped with the strategies and tactics to transition back into the “Event/Festival Solutions” market space, where I was then able to increase the ROI of their ad spend by over 100% compared to before the pandemic started.

Primary duties encompassed:

  • Weekly updates/changes to the website content
  • Monthly updates/changes to functionality of the website
  • Weekly monitoring of website performance to ensure it is staying within acceptable margins
  • Investigate when it would fall outside of acceptable margins too much and optimize the code if I identified an issue, or sometimes increase server resources because we were getting more sustained traffic on the site.
  • Recommend design changes to stay aligned with market trends
  • Review SEO/Ad performance on a monthly basis to find optimization opportunities
  • Refresh Ads on a quarterly basis to align with seasonal changes in the market space