Web Dev & Marketing Analyst

Allen Wolf Consulting

Feb 2023 – Sep 2023

Since Prevedere Analytics was forced to shut down, I’ve been doing freelance consulting work for a few different companies and individuals, but most notably I setup and built this website using my resume as inspiration. My goal is to provide hiring managers something they can interact with and is more engaging than a simple document. It took me about 100 hours to build everything – mainly to get the styling to behave correctly across viewports and devices which is usually a challenge in my experience.

For United ACA Solutions / BitCork / Pollinate I performed the following consulting work:

  • I setup the entire infrastructure for Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, and Search Console
  • Created Search and Display campaigns (though BitCork and Pollinate are not ready to launch yet)and marketing strategy guides to help give them direction in the future
  • Created comprehensive reports in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) – you can see an example here
  • Setup DKIM and SPF records for their emails

For Stretch Shapes I performed the following consulting work:

  • Extensive, in-depth troubleshooting an issue that started occuring with the automated order-syncing connection between QuickBooks Online and ShipStation
    • I found that Stretch Shapes has a tool (Connex) which received an update that broke the configuration method they had been using
    • I was able to repair the configuration so that it was working as intended, but Connex had also changed their billing model with the update from charging for a block of API calls per month, to charging for every API call which increased the monthly bill +500%
    • In lieu of Connex, I instead built the initial framework for auto-syncing the orders using the Zapier account they already have, and then passed it off to the main IT/Dev company they have been working with
  • The main IT/Dev company they have been working with couldn’t figure out how the various sales tax and UPS shipping functions on the site work so that they could make some requested changes, so I instructed them on the basic structure/framework/variables of the relevant code, the best approach for making changes, and where it’s located