Tier 2 Support Manager

Lunar Logic Inc. (Cengage sub-contractor)

May 2015 – Apr 2016

I was promoted into this role because of a proven ability to consistently lead the team when the previous manager was delinquent in their duties. I oversaw the growth and management of six Tier 2 Support subcontractors at Lunar Logic. 

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Successfully managed a backlog of 3000+ tickets (due to a massive, failed release)
  • 60% – 70% improvement in ticket resolution times by improving ticket process flows, and improving resolution documentation
  • Repaired relations with Cengage which were previously damaged by the former manager
  • Negotiated a new Tier 2 support contract with Cengage for their new MTQ platform

Primary duties encompassed:

  • Monitoring overall subcontractor utilization to ensure budget stayed within the bounds of our SoW
  • Reporting to upper management on a weekly/monthly basis about the state of ticket backlog and SLAs
  • Onboarding new Professors who were using the software
  • Training the Tier 2 team on new processes
  • Monitoring 24×7 to respond to critical system-wide issues when they would occur (and working with upper management to mitigate impact to critical clients)
  • Greater oversight over Cengage’s vendor relations in relation to the specific platforms our Tier 2 team was supporting in order to keep all associated vendor costs for the platforms from exceeding the budget