Project Manager

Lunar Logic Inc.

Feb 2017 – Jan 2018

I stepped into this role to assist with implementing the new Scrum methodology/framework throughout Lunar Logic after Cengage cut all remaining contracts we had with them.

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Assisted head of production with initial institution of Scrum across the company
  • Created initial framework for a “Production Board” that served as the first tool used to plan which tickets would be worked on in the upcoming sprints, budget utilization, and resource utilization
  • Successfully managed all assigned projects while 60% of the employees left Lunar Logic
  • Transitioned an employee from avoiding process controls which cost the company money and clients, to being highly compliant through use of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Primary duties encompassed:

  • Outlining the entirety of the Project for a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and/or Statement of Work (SoW).
  • Converting client/stakeholder requirements into solidly defined Epics, User Stories, and Acceptance Criteria
  • Creating discreet, actionable tickets for developers (or other production reps) to complete within a Sprint
  • Managing deliverables to clients at the end of each Sprint
  • Managing timelines and budgets for projects so that any potential conflicts were understood before work started
  • Facilitating/planning meetings for Sprint Planning, daily standups, ticket grooming, and Retrospectives/Post Mortems
  • Coordinating with other managers and teams across separate businesses to roll out multi-phased, government regulated, interdependent web-based solutions (notable clients: OCCU, Guaranty RV, ACVR, Delta Sand & Gravel)
  • Negotiating between internal production teams and clients/stakeholders to determine if an adequate balance can be struck between the budget, scope, timeline, and priority to realistically get the “Project” completed
  • Balancing resource allocation with other functional teams/departments
  • Resetting stakeholder expectations when unforeseen events impact timelines or deliverables
  • Evaluate proposed solutions, and conduct research to back up feasibility of chosen solution
  • Develop project documentation outlining business requirements
  • Translating business requirements into systematic/programmatic requirements that can be understood by production teams/business units
  • Analyze existing workflows and processes in order to identify gaps/weaknesses, and then put together proposed improvements to be evaluated by upper management and stakeholders
  • Create documentation for clients addressing any training/knowledge gaps that might prohibit use of developed solutions
  • Act as a liaison and facilitator between stakeholders, clients, and other vendors working on the project to ensure any risks are fully understood, and mitigation strategies implemented if feasible
  • Perform QA on all deliverables before final sign-off to determine if all stakeholder requirements are being delivered as expected
  • Monitor project spend vs. project budget on a daily basis
  • Bi-monthly billing/invoice review to ensure our quote to cash cycle is in alignment