Product Manager

Prevedere Analytics

Jul 2022 – Feb 2023

I joined Prevere Analytics Inc as a Product Manager to oversee the development, launch, and growth of their healthcare product “Theralytics”, which would serve to replace/supplant/augment antiquated health care systems starting with NetHealth. Development on the core features of the product were already completed, but a data connection still had to be made between the product and NetHealth.  Right when we started that work, we lost all communication with our developers located in Belarus, Russia, and there was no local backup copy of the source code.

Concurrently, we also lost our lead investor due to a legal requirement they could not meet, so we didn’t have funding to acquire replacement developers.

Our product was Dockerized React/Node.js code deployed through Azure app services, which only the Russian developers had any understanding of, so I spent about a month learning as much as I could about Docker/Azure/React/Node.js, and all of the various associated technologies being used in our product (MongoDB, Swagger, Spring Boot, Postman, SendGrid, etc….).  Because I didn’t have access to the actual source code, I was never going to be able to get too far in terms of making changes, but I did learn enough to deploy a totally new instance of our product with all of the associated resources, and then migrate the database from the original instance.  Since a lot of UI had not been built yet for manipulating data (i.e. delete user, update user, etc…), I also learned how to make changes directly in the database using MongoDB Shell.

Because of this progress I had made, we were able to start the initial trial pilot of the application, and start connecting the data from NetHealth to our product’s API.

Right before we were able to make the data connection to NetHealth, our pilot client and lead investor pulled out for hostile reasons, which negated all of our existing investor contracts which forced Prevedere Analytics to permanently close.