MTQ Tier 2 Support Analyst

Lunar Logic Inc. (Cengage sub-contractor)

Apr 2016 – Feb 2017

Primarily responsible for not only resolving customer support tickets that were escalated from Tier 1, but also with root cause analysis of cross-functional system issues in order for ongoing development efforts to be better informed of the areas with the biggest risk/weakness. 

Significant Accomplishments:

  •  1 of 2 reps tasked with documenting every single bug, and testing all fixes for the platform
  • Assisted with redesigning the Service-Oriented-Architecture in order to directly address systemic issues that kept occurring with end users. 
  • Acted as Cengage’s Technical Support Readiness representative during 2 public MTQ shareholder meetings.
  • Offered to solely continue the MTQ Support contract as a free-lance subcontractor when Lunar Logic and Cengage parted ways