Business Marketing Analyst

Lunar Logic Inc.

Jan 2018 – Jul 2019

I was asked to take on this role as the lead Business Marketing representative and decision maker at Lunar Logic after significant employee attrition over the previous year.

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Completed self-training/certification for role 3 months ahead of deadline
  • Successfully transitioned 2 clients over from hostile vendors
  • Earned the “Google Partner Search Badge” for Lunar Logic
  • Learned Google Apps Scripting language (JavaScript sourced), and how to work with API calls
  • Did original development on the “Production Board” within Google Sheets to automatically plan/prioritize/assign tickets based on overarching team utilization across all projects (built on the framework started as a Project Manager)
  • Saw 3%-27% increase in core KPIs of every new client I took on.

Primary duties encompassed:

  • Continue to support residual aspects of the previous Project Manager role to support incoming Project Managers
  • Working directly with executive management to develop, implement, and refine a functional Sprint Planning process after the initial conception of using Scrum as a business/project management style was started at Lunar Logic.
  • Advising executive management on marketing strategy for Lunar Logic
  • Initial setup, and auditing, of SEM platforms for new clients (i.e. All of Google’s Marketing/Search platforms, Data Studio, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads)
  • Defining/creating entire marketing engagement SOWs (i.e. milestones, reports, deliverables, exceptions, etc….)
  • Analyze data from Analytics to inform optimizations on campaigns/ads
  • Generate, and implement, A/B testing scenarios for both ads and web pages utilizing Neural Linguistic Programing (NLP) techniques/methods
  • Building market personas to define customer segments to target, or exclude
  • Budget and data forecasting
  • Develop interactive data visualizations (Data Studio) for clients and stakeholders that integrated disparate data sources into single “dashboards”
  • Generating, and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies for clients through Value Proposition development, analysis and coaching
  • Develop original marketing material for clients informed by their digital marketing strategies (Blogs, Newsletters, Webpages, Graphic Designs, SEM Ads, Image Content)
  • Identify potential risks in advance of any impact to the business, projects, or clients
  • Balance the ongoing needs of the business against the needs of projects and clients
  • Adjusting project timelines and priorities according to customer facing priorities
  • Generating financial, marketing, and production reports for use in:
  • Data visualizations
  • Business/sales presentations
  • Quarterly/yearly earnings
  • Strategic/financial planning & forecasting
  • Sprint planning